We are a young, dynamic and innovation-oriented supplier of devices for the medical and biotech sectors.

Our products are developed by a team of specialists combining different skills and expertise in computer science, electronics, biomedicine and biology.

Our main areas of interest are:

  • medical guidance systems for diagnostics and surgery
  • medical devices for aesthetic medicine and dermatology
  • surgical devices for plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • medical guidance systems for diagnostic and surgery
  • surgical devices for laparoscopy and interventional radiology
  • topical cosmeceutical and phytoceutical products for dermatology and beauty field

Our main office is located in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) from where we handle all the trading operations in GCC countries and MENA regions.



Saif Ghanim AlMazrooei


Mr. Saif Ghanim ALMazrooei is an accomplished executive, investor, and entrepreneur with over 10 years’ experience in managing multinational global corporations in industries that include real-estate, healthcare equipment, communications, e-commerce, various commodities exchanges, information technology as well as businesses associated with transportation and logistics.

By capitalizing on his sharp business acumen, technical expertise, interpersonal skills, and strategic mindset, among other attributes, Mr. ALMazrooei was instrumental in penetrating new markets and achieving unprecedented sales growth for the companies he held. In addition to have successfully implemented growth-oriented strategies, Mr. ALMazrooei has instituted significant qualitative and quantitative improvements in such departments as Operations, Finance and IT Technology. These improvements included the streamlining of operational processes, the re-organization of capital resources and strategic assets, and the implementation of cost-effective information systems that boosted productivity, cut lead times, and dramatically enhanced customer satisfaction.

Mr. ALMazrooei now looks forward to leveraging his experience and value-added expertise to making IDERM a thriving, multi-national enterprise, one that will play a major force in improving conditions in the Middle East and abroad while maximizing the return on investment for the investors and partners. His vision came from believing in sustainable value through local / global growth, service and excellence.


Francesco Pioppi


As a technical specialist, chief executive, entrepreneur and investor, Francesco has dedicated his career to beauty, health and medical care in private companies in the European Union, USA, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and China, with experience at every stage of the innovation cycle: start-up, early stage, growth, maturity and sometimes restructuring and turnaround.

Of particular relevance, he has been technical advisor of one of the largest private beauty and medical groups in China – where he pioneered a new innovative model of beauty – preventive medicine integration and managed its revenues growth from 25 million in 2011 to more than 100 milion US$ in 2014; from 2009 to 2013 he has been the Managing Director of  one of the oldest italian manufacturer of skincare products and cosmetics, handling all the international operations for the expansion of the company oversea and managing several JVs in Canada, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

Francesco is currently managing the growth of 3 companies in the Middle East: Iderm Middle East, a dinamic trading company of medical devices and appliances related to the plastic surgery, dermatology, interventional radiology and general surgery; Genetica DWC a consultancy company of hospitals and clinics for the care of alternative and preventive medicine; Lipocast LLC (in JV with Lipogems International S.p.A. Milano), that operates in the biotechnology and regenerative medicine sectors.


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